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From 1988 to 1993 he performed as a guitarist/keyboard player in various metal and experimental band particularly working with : 

bullet Fist of Fury, drummer of Spectral Presence with whom he created MALARIA
bullet Arnaud Rebotini who was at that time the singer of Swamp
bullet O’Live, Karkkbrain drummer with whom he worked on the jungle’s project.S.L.K. (Sun Loop King)

 Discovering  Liza’n Eliaz at the end of 92, this musical revelation lead him to the turntables and the fascinating world of the experimental techno hardcore. In 94 he started composing music on hardware with his old pal Fist of  Fury and then alone in 95.  

 In 1996, he is cooperating with the K-BAL Hardcore Sound System to organize hardcore/speedcore night events under two labels : 

·K-NI-BAL records (hardcore/speedcore experimental)

·- K-NA-BEAST records (break experimental/breakcore)

 Since then HZ is working on : 

- Organizing night events with the K-BAL Hardcore Sound System

- The K-NI-BAL and K-NA-BEAST productions along with the graphic creations

- Live animations (A.I.D.S. : Annihilation In Decadent System)

- DJ  Animations for night events and free parties (Helius Zhamiq with 3 turntables minimum): techno, jungle/drum &    bass,  hardcore/speedcore, and experimental ambiance.

Many projects :

          - MALARIA: hardcore project with Fist of Fury

          - S.L.K. (Sun Loop King) : jungle with O’Live

          - LABITOX : hardcore/speedcore experimental project with La Peste (who was the first to sign tracks of HZ under             the label HANGARS LIQUIDES)

          - WYPLASH :live experimental techno/hardtek/break/hardcore project

          - BOTTELGRIN : metal/noise/grind mixed with speedcore experimental project

          - S.I.H. : solo ambiant noise experimental project

          - Dj KORRIGAN : solo hardtek/hardcore project

          - HARL’M RAKAI : hip hop project

          - A.I.D.S. : solo hardcore/speedcore experimental project

          - musical creation for theatre plays and street shows (particularly for the Show “SHAM remix the book l’Etranger
            de  Camus” where HZ plays in live) and also puppets shows (specially the children play “the big potatoe diary”).

Next events in 2006 : 

bullet A new album of dark trip hop experimental under the label FURTIF
bullet A musical creation for a fabulous street show on the theme “The Magnificent Seven ” with actors, acrobats and skaters
bullet The creation of a new label : MARO TRUMM
bullet The proceeding of the labels and the night events with K-BAL Sound System (which will celebrate his 10th birthday !)